Create your perfect vision with Video Production Abq.

Looking for some fantasy? Perhaps a walk in an enchanted forest? or maybe a new futuristic friend? Or maybe a visit to the moon? Do you have a vision? Is there a dream that you want to create? Perhaps its needing help with that special day, and your not sure where to start. Pick your favorite adventure and let us turn it into reality!

Wedding Service

Here at video Production Abq. we understand the stresses that come with planning that special day. So to help ease the worry we will have a meeting with you to understand your vision and than we take it from there. Set up a time to meet to plan that perfect day.

Movie Production

Video Production Abq. is ready to create or assist in filming your next movie production. Winner of The Sun Dance Film Festival in 2018, Video Production Abq. has the experience to help. Don’t be afraid to dream big, because with our help we can turn your dream into a reality!

Music VMusic Videosideo’s

We love music videos! There is something about creating a perfect visual story to go along with that perfect song. When creating a music video, it is very important that see eye to eye with the producer. That is VERY important when it comes to the message that the musician is try to send, because the video has to identify with that message to be effective!

Business advertising and SEO.

We take our online marketing seriously. We use your content to build a relationship with your audience. We specialize in Search engine optimization so that your content is seen on as many platforms as possible! We will get you product and service seen!

Live Events

Back in 2019 Video Production Abq, was know as Little Bear Media. We are very proud to say that we were the first company in 35 years to ever film The Duke City Marathon Live! It was amazing and it went perfect! We streamed the entire event around the world! People were able to watch their loved ones compete from the other side of the globe. We have people from China to Great Briton thanking us. It was an amazing experience!

After speaking with several other videographers, I felt like my video was never going to happen… Than I met Robby! He and I clicked as soon as we met! He was amazing to work with, and with his footage I was able to create my music video for The Sun Dance Film Festival! Thank you Robby for what you did!

Latisha Von-Simon

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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