Music Videos

Here at Video Production ABQ we take a practical approach to the art of filmmaking from beginning in the vision stage to the final release of your rmaster video. We begin with simple production design to help you with the basics while establishing professional production standards and moving on to more complicated areas in the project. From writing your first script to final editing master, the topics include camera techniques, working with actors (if needed), professional lighting, recording and mixing sound, editing, professional directing, blocking a scene with actors and crew, conducting ourselves in a professional film environment. Areas discussed when creating your vision include, advanced editing techniques including cutting to the beat and rhythm editing.

  We have worked with local as well as national artists and bands. We have filmed in arenas that hold up to 20,000 fans just to ensure that your music video has the professional quality that audiences want to see.By using all of the tools, people and experience we have at our wonderfully creative fingertips, we really deliver. With our background in marketing, television, and advertising, we know the ingredients that will make your audience take notice and really engage with your message. Our combination of expertise, experience, technical wizardry, and out and out talent here in our home town means that you will receive a video production service that will delight you and your target audience alike.

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