Movie Production

 Whether you’ve been in the business for a long time or only for a short amount of time, when it comes to a good production you will be able to spot the work of an amateur during the first few seconds of a video, even if their best equipment was used. So what gives away a pro from an amateure? It’s their lack of proper framing and composition, lighting and planning.

When looking to hire a production company for your next movie, make sure they know what it is that good Videography (especially cinematography) involves. Its not just having a camera. Its more than just aiming your camera at your scene or subject. Here at Video Production ABQ We know how to work with what we got. We take your budget and your vision and make it a perfect reality. Here at Video Production ABQ we don’t neglect the basics. We cross the t’s and Dot our I’s and make sure that we are ready to go on production day. We embrace our limits. There’s an old Film by the name of Robert Bresson that said, “someone who can work with the minimum can work with the most. One who can with the most cannot, inevitably, with the minimum.” That can make all the difference between something fresh and different and something processed and stale.

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