Live Events

When going into filming a live event, you never know what’s going to happen. Here at video production ABQ we provide you with as much  framework as possible so that you can be prepared for what goes into  producing your live events. We also want to make sure you are equipped with all backups, because its a live event. That means anything can happen. But when it comes down to it the main difference between producing a life event or anything staged with cuts, is having the experienced company, and a company with  the capability to make sure that every moment is captured as it happens. 

   One of the most critical questions that you have to ask yourself is what do you want out of this video and what is the footage going to be used for. Is the event going to be streamed live? Are you only going to want a highlights package? Other questions to ask yourself is how many cameras are we going to use. These are just a few of the many important questions that need answered when preparing to film a live event. Remember we only have one chance at this, you want to make sure you hire experience. when we were Little Bear Media, the first company to film New Mexico’s biggest race, The Duke City Marathon. It was one of our greatest accomplishments.

Duke City Marathon Live!

In 2019 Video Production Abq, formally known as Little Bear Media was the first company to film the Duke City Marathon Live! It was such a wonderful experience! It was an honor to be able to film an event that has been happening in the beautiful state of New Mexico for 35 years. I also gave people the opportunity to watch their friends and family who couldn’t attend. We had people watch from their homes here in New Mexico all the way to China, and England. We had it live so people were able to leave their comments to their loved ones. The fun day of running was capped of with fun with the vendors a reward show and even messages! It was a great day and i thank these amazing people for this amazing opportunity! You can watch all the content on Facebook@Dukecitymarathonlive.

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