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Video production Abq. was born while fulfilling the needs of everyday people. If they needed help with filming a wedding, or personal event, or if it was a small business starting off with no money. I got it done! Started as Little Bear Media in 2010, Video Production Abq. re-emerged into the high tech, digital world of today. Yet, our values have remained the same. Providing high quality, cost effective, creatively compelling videos, we use a marketing platform of personal branding to get your message directly to each customer, or to simply capture that perfect moment on that perfect day, Video Production Abq. has you covered. Give us a budget and we’ll make it happen!


Award winning Videography for your perfect day.

We understand that when it comes to that special day that you’ve dream’t about your entire life is over, you wanna look back on a memory that gives you that feeling all over again. Video Production Abq. will give you a full day of filming with a fully edited video so that nothing is missed and you get to experience that feeling all over again. On that special day you want the best, because you deserve the best!

Behind the scenes with Lavel Marie Photography!

Your “I do’s” will last forever!

No event too big, or too small!

Video production Abq. Does events and parties of all types. Ether its a Quincenera, a Bar-mitz-fa, or a live concert, Video Production Abq. handles events of all types!

UNM school of Engineering Graduation 2020

Videos of your company bring a vibrancy and an impact to your sales efforts witch brings in more customers. Instead of a sales pitch on your web-site provide them with an entertaining video. These videos will emphasize the product, and or service, AND hold the attention of your audience much better. We have worked with many clients in various niches from fashion to food!


Small business, and local pricing!

Professional production is key to a perfect video for you company. You don’t need to call up the television stations and have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a sub-par commercial. We offer an amazing production for an amazing price. We also offer payment plans that will you can video production whenever need it. YouTube and Facebook, and Instagram are just a few of the was to bring attention to your business.

From a vision, to a reality!

Beginning to end.

Have an idea but need help putting everything together? We will help with that! We will help with you to put together a production that you are proud of. We work with some of the best production teams out there. Props, sound, make-up, staging, costume, if its needed for your perfect dream to come true, we got you covered!

9:00 am – 5:00 pm
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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What our customers are saying!

Johnette T.

“They went above and beyond to make my daughters wedding video a dream come true! Robby was very personable and easy to work with. I recommend them 100%”

Audra S.

“Robby does such an amazing job. Jmhe is all about capturing those precious moments in life that can be shared with friends and family and have incredible memories on professional edited video to last a lifetime and beyond.”

Emily D.

“Robby is super fun to work with. He understood what I was trying to accomplish and offered various options in filming to accomplish my vision. He is flexible in his schedule and offered great recommendations for getting my project ready to go. He is responsive and very professional.”

Anthony B.

“Robby was super easy to work with. The production was on point, and our music music video came out better than expected!”

Professional high quality video production at an affordable price! We’re here for you!

Tips for your Perfect production.



It starts from the heart. Feel it in your heart, than imagine it in your head. The best video production’s don’t just happen. Feel it in your They require planning. Before you you even think about filming anything, you need to have a storyboard. A story board or script is like directions on how to build your production. Don’t worry, you don’t have to draw fancy pictures or be extremely detailed, as long as you know what, how, and when you want to shoot.


B-roll is important.

The B-Roll. What is B-roll? B-roll is any supplemental video that is considered to be secondary to your primary footage. So you have “A” roll which is your primary, (star subjects, Key sets, etc.) and than you have “B” roll. B-roll is shots of the little things that can make or break your production. Its the small things that go a long way.


Take as many as it takes…

Take your time, and don’t rush perfection. If it takes 15 takes, that’s ok! Stay in the moment because in the moment you can see what is happening with the lighting, the set, the sound etc… After the filming is done, you cant go back, and when you are in post you are going to be glad you took your time and made super easy to to edit, and edit according to script.


When cutting, Cut on the action.

Now remember when editing a shot of someone doing something especially an action shot, make sure to cut to the next shot during the action at your subject is performing. Now let me give you an example, Let’s are editing together a sequence of a kid running through the house and opening the back door before going outside, cut to the shot of the subject opening the door at the right time that the kid turns the door handle. Cutting away or after action can be jarring and distraught the viewer. Sometimes we don’t even have to worry about this, but I bring it up so that you keep it in mind if you’re working on a more action type video. 

Capturing are in motion.

Using state of the are stabilizers to capture the those high speed motion shots!Whether its capturing that high speed action shot or slowing down to capture those “I do’s”, a steady camera is a must!

We love our live events!

We love the challenge of a live event! You only get one chance to capture the important moments! With live events you have to be ready for what ever may happen, so experience is a huge plus!

Did you know business women,

Bring in revenue of 1 million a year,and they account for 40% of all privately owned firms, they are also a huge portion of privately owned businesses in the United States!

The most most important part of the day is the start of your day…

Boost your energy in the morning with a morning workout, 2. Hydrate yourself with warm water and lemon, 3. MOST IMPORTANTLY, wait to check your phone!

They grow too fast!

If your a family man like me you know how fast your kids grow! One minute you turn and they are starting school, then ending school! We take for granted these moments sometimes and forget how precious and timeless they are. That being said we also know that kids cost a lot! Here at Video Production Abq, we work with you and your budget so that you can have those memories to look back on forever!

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